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Pilot (8 Apr. 1996)

Jim Profit uses the death of a Vice-President at Gracen & Gracen, and every dirty trick in the book (plus a few tricks he invents), to position himself to assume the position of the dead man's boss, Jack Walters.

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Hero (15 Apr. 1996)

Investigating Profit's past creates a dangerous game of cat and mouse for Jack and Joanne, which may take down one of them permanently.

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Sykes (22 Apr. 1996)

Gracen & Gracen has a new employee, Sykes, whom is not what he appears to be, and the game of cat and mouse is turned on it's head, with Jim in the position of the mouse. Jim's stepmother Bobby shows back up, with blackmail.

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Healing (29 Apr. 1996)

As a secret merger boils, Profit realizes he has under estimated Sykes and must deal with him, Joanne, and a polygraph.

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Cupid (21 Oct. 1997)

Problems with a merger open new opportunities for Profit, but reveal secrets that may cause trouble. Bobby plot get herself a rich man causes problems for Profit at Gracen & Gracen.

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Chinese Box (28 Oct. 1997)

An impending F.B.I. raid due to a subsidiary company selling missile parts to an enemy country gives Profit chances to creates destructive future gains and put him in a good light with Mr. Gracen.

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Security (4 Nov. 1997)

Profit discovers a leak in Gracen & Gracen and uses it to his advantage, or at least so he thinks...

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Forgiveness (11 Nov. 1997)

A hostile takeover of Gracen & Gracen once again yields Profit chances at manipulation. Sykes and Joanna uncover parts of Profit's past.