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Pilot (14 Jul. 2001)

Tucker Burns, a good journalist with a blemish on his record that makes him unemployable, is hired by The World Chronicle, a paranormal tabloid. Although a skeptic, Tucker agrees to investigate the case of a monster attack for the paper.

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What Gobbles Beneath (14 Jul. 2001)

Cell phones presented a new and truly unpredictable danger to society last week when a popular new brand of satellite phone accidentally attracted the attention of an ancient monster that lives beneath the surface of the island of Manhattan.

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Here There Be Dragons (21 Jul. 2001)

Beneath the island of Manhattan lie hundreds of miles of subway tunnels, millions of miles of fiber optic cable, and, until last week, one real-life dragon.

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Baby Got Back (28 Jul. 2001)

People who like to buy their toothpaste, motor oil and matching parkas all from the same catalogue were shocked this week when international, multilevel marketing company Headway abruptly declared bankruptcy. More shocking, perhaps, is the fact that Headway's demise was precipitated by the dramatic end of the company's anticipated merger with Satan.

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He's Dead, She's Dead (4 Aug. 2001)

The team explores reports of the dead coming back to life and find the daughter of a man obsessed with experimenting with reanimating corpses. As more people are being brought back from the dead, will the team be able to stop the mad scientist in time?

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Bermuda Love Triangle (11 Aug. 2001)

Grace follows a story about a missing man from the Navy, while Tucker and Wes follow a lead about a sea creature attacking people at the docks. Turns out they are following the same story and the missing man has been trying to escape his life under the sea but has been followed ashore by the sea creature who saved him all those years ago.

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Only the Young Die Good (18 Aug. 2001)

A young man claims that his friend has somehow turned into an old man and is being held against his will in a luxury retirement home. Tucker investigates. Grace falls for the man's friend. Wes and Vera try to uncover Donald's secret.

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Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns (25 Aug. 2001)

Wes and Grace investigate the serial killings committed by a headless biker wearing a jack-o'-lantern helmet, who decapitates seemingly random people with his sword. Tucker and Kristen go on a date.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Fry (8 Sep. 2001)

The team visits an elite small town to investigate why there have been so many accidental deaths recently at the hands of their electronic appliances. They discover the town has a lot of secrets that seem to revolve around a recently missing pool boy.

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Take Me Back (15 Sep. 2001)

Grace tries to help an abductee who is having difficulty coping and is drawn into her support group at the woman's request. But several of the support group's members have gone missing and now Grace may be in trouble too.

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Touched by an Alien (4 Jan. 2002)

Sometimes aliens like to "get it on", which may not be so great for humans if in doing so risks their own life, but can a human resist the temptation?

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Pig Boy's Big Adventure (11 Jan. 2002)

Wes and Tucker are investigating the story of the Savage Simian, a supposed ape man who is stalking the city, but what they find is Pig Boy's origins and a whole lot more.

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The Cursed Sombrero (18 Jan. 2002)

A cursed sombrero made of stones from an ancient society puts whoever wears it at risk of death. The team races around to try and stop any more deaths, including one of their own, on Cinco de Mayo, no less.

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Tears of a Clone (25 Jan. 2002)

One of our team members have been cloned, and Wes, Tucker, and Grace have to figure out who it is and which one is the real one before the aliens who made the clone come back to kill it to save their secret.

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I See Dead Fat People (1 Feb. 2002)

While Grace holds down the fort at the paper, Tucker and Wes investigate a poltergeist. One of the ghosts from a tragedy on site years before has been following Wes. What do they have in common and will Wes be able to help solve a murder mystery to boot?

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Man and Superman (8 Feb. 2002)

Wes knows his superheroes and discovers that someone is reenacting some old comic book hero, but to what end? It appears as though our newly found superhero is re-enacting rescues by first putting our unsuspecting rescue victims at risk to save them. Will The Chronicle be able to save the next group of unsuspecting victims from our superhero before it's too late?

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Hot from the Oven (15 Feb. 2002)

A possessed oven produces your greatest fears if you get sucked inside. Meanwhile, Donald leads the crusade to save his star reporters as they try and unravel the mystery from the inside out.

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The Stepford Cheerleaders (22 Feb. 2002)

Tucker, Wes, and Grace pose as high school students to try and figure out mysterious and violent events that have been happening in and around school. Cyborg cheerleaders may be to blame.

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The Mists of Avalon Parkway (1 Mar. 2002)

Killer fog is starting to take people from a small town against their wishes. After some competitive investigative work between Grace and Tucker, they discover the sentient fog monster may have imprinted on a boy and goes after anyone the child may not like.

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The King Is Undead (8 Mar. 2002)

Childhood memories of the King fuel the reporters as they are sent to cover a convention of Elvis Impersonators, only to find out the King is Undead.

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Hell Mall (15 Mar. 2002)

Too many violent attacks have happened recently at the mall to be considered a mere coincidence. The team discovers there may be a connection to ghosts from the sanitarium for the criminally insane that may be affecting mall employees and anyone else who may cross their path, including one of their own.

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A Snitch in Time (22 Mar. 2002)

People are spontaneously combusting or so it seems. Grace's boyfriend, Lewis, has just dumped her and may know more than it seems. Meanwhile, Tucker's girlfriend, Kristin, is working with police to set Donald up, to apparently save her boyfriend. Swedes from the future are involved and it looks like The Chronicle may come to an end. A great cliff hanger for the next season that never comes.