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The Passenger List/The Bokor (12 Jul. 2001)

In "The Passenger List", a plane crash investigator becomes worried that his daughter may have been on an airliner that crashed, but he's missing the point. In "The Bokor", a group of medical students falls prey to - one of them.

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Dead Air/Renovation (12 Jul. 2001)

While doing his radio show, a "Shock Jock" is in for the most shocking night of his life. / People buying homes should always pay attention to the saying,"Buyer beware," especially when the house is being haunted by the past.

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A View Through the Window/Quiet Please (19 Jul. 2001)

A lonely scientist is called in by the military to analyze the barrier that surrounds a mysterious idyllic family farm in the middle of a desert. / With the weekend killer on the loose, it's a bad time to go camping.

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Now He's Coming Up the Stairs/Used Car (26 Jul. 2001)

A psychiatrist has the ability to absorb people's mental illnesses, but can he help a seemingly possessed child? / An unhappy wife comes to believe that the used car her husband bought her is possessed by the spirit of a young woman.

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Rest Stop/After Life (2 Aug. 2001)

Four college students find themselves in a trap after picking up a hitchhiker and stopping at a rest stop. / When a deceased family man comes back to life at his funeral, he becomes obsessed with death and puts his daughter in danger.

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If a Tree Falls.../The Occupant (9 Aug. 2001)

Three college friends drown in a lake and discover that they can still live as long as no one learns of their death. / Who keeps moving Mary's things and making noises in her house? Is someone invading her home, or is it all in her mind?

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Reunion/Neighborhood Watch (16 Aug. 2001)

The reunion of his old unit causes a Gulf War veteran to have a waking nightmare about his p.o.w. days. / Worried parents form a neighborhood watch to scare away a recently released pedophile, but they don't know what he looks like.

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Bitter Harvest/My So Called Life and Death (23 Aug. 2001)

Mean Old Jennings loses his arms in an accident caused by his scared young neighbor Shane, who must now care for him. / Angsty teen girl on vacation with her family in their summer home falls for their handsome ghostly handyman.

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The Doghouse/Still Life (30 Aug. 2001)

A man is saved form a loan shark by a psychopathic female dog owner, who wants him as a pet. / Happy housewife Kate is targeted by a mysterious relentless thug for seemingly no reason.

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Hate Puppet/Darkness (6 Sep. 2001)

Horror novelist is cursed to cause murderous rage towards him in everyone. / An egotistical telemarketer inherits a cursed mansion where every shadow is alive and will kill on touch.

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The Maze/Harmony (19 Sep. 2002)

A female student accidentally goes through a time portal in the college maze and learns that there is no future but there may be time for love. / A man's car break down in a town where all music is outlawed because of an old legend.

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Cargo/Switch (23 Sep. 2002)

The new cargo officer becomes too emphatic towards the plight of a group of mysterious Eastern-European stowaways. / A woman suffering from multiple personality disorder enters her mind to defeat her other personalities.

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Patterns/Voices (24 Sep. 2002)

A psychiatrist evaluates a patient who claims that the world will end unless he does endless little rituals each day. / At a murder trial, a deaf female court artist starts hearing the thoughts of the real killer, who's in the audience.