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Evergreen (18 Sep. 2002)

Jenna's parents move her to a special community to help curb her rebellious teenage ways. Little do they know that Jenna will be changed in ways they never dreamed possible.

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One Night at Mercy (18 Sep. 2002)

Dr. Jay Ferguson's headaches at work aren't helped by putting up with a suicidal man claiming to be Death and that he's quitting his job - and neither does a flood patients who come to Jay in incredible pain when they should have died.

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Shades of Guilt (25 Sep. 2002)

A black man begs Matt McGreevey for a ride in his car since he is being pursued by someone, but Matt refuses and drives on, and sees him being attacked by a gang behind him. That night, Matt suffers several wounds he can't explain to his wife, and the next morning appears to have gained a tan overnight and learns that the man, a college professor named John Woodrell, was beaten to death in a hate-crime. His family and friends point out he didn't know who the man was or why he was running, but Matt, defensive about not being racist, still regrets not helping him since ...

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Dream Lover (25 Sep. 2002)

A graphic novelist manifests his dream lover as a way to get over writer's block. Unfortunately, things are not what they seem to be with her.

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Cradle of Darkness (2 Oct. 2002)

A woman goes back in time to the birth of Hitler and attempts to interfere so that World War II never happens.

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Night Route (2 Oct. 2002)

After a close call with a speeding car, a woman facing an impending wedding is haunted by visions of a strange bus that appears to be following her.

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Time Lapse (9 Oct. 2002)

A man who is suffering from blackouts discovers that someone is temporarily possessing his body who is somehow involved in an assassination.

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Dead Man's Eyes (9 Oct. 2002)

A distraught widow on the verge of a mental breakdown discovers that her murdered husband's eyeglasses reveal the last moments of his life and possibly the identity of the killer.

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The Pool Guy (16 Oct. 2002)

Pool-cleaner Ritchie Almares is approached by a slightly-familiar man who orders him to awaken just before shooting him - and finds himself in bed so recognizes the experience as a dream but has an unexplainable scar in the chest. He sees his doctor, but the co-worker she calls to examine him is the same man who shot him - and does it again in the same way, with him awakening to discover a mark on his stomach. Working for a wealthy couple, he finds himself at the result of advances and being kissed by the wife, and her husband, whom he recognizes as the shooter, ...

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Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine (16 Oct. 2002)

A young bullied boy with an abusive father wishes a fantasy barbarian hero into existence to teach him about courage.

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The Lineman (23 Oct. 2002)

Telephone-repairman Tyler Ward is struck by lightning and gains telepathy for strong emotions.

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Harsh Mistress (30 Oct. 2002)

A struggling musician achieves international fame and wealth after acquiring a guitar with a bloody past.

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Upgrade (30 Oct. 2002)

A woman with an obnoxious family wishes for a better family and gets one. Later, she discovers she might be replaced as well.

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To Protect and Serve (6 Nov. 2002)

An idealistic cop is determined to keep a prostitute safe from her recently deceased pimp.

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Chosen (6 Nov. 2002)

A down on his luck man continually rebuffs two strange missionaries who appear at his door offering to save him.

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Sensuous Cindy (13 Nov. 2002)

A man gets engaged and swears off sex until his wedding. Unfortunately, he is put to the test by a woman from a virtual-reality game.

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Hunted (13 Nov. 2002)

Officers from a futuristic civilization are targeted by a dangerous unseen enemy.

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Mr. Motivation (20 Nov. 2002)

A strange talking doll received as a birthday present encourages a timid man to stand up to his overbearing boss.

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Sanctuary (20 Nov. 2002)

Scott Turner, a sports agent with a client considering releasing him, leaves the street when his car breaks down, gets lost in the woods, and stumbles on a large house with a great view and devoid of electricity - even cell phones don't work. He meets Marisa Sanborn, who says she got there in the same way after an argument with her fiancé, and they find the house contains enough room and settings for two with clothing and everything else their size. Soon they're joined by Ricki, a woman whom the house doesn't supply for, can get her cell to work, hates the isolation ...

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Future Trade (27 Nov. 2002)

A man with a dysfunctional family decides to trade his future for that of a man who is much better off. Unfortunately, things are not as good as they appear.

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Found and Lost (27 Nov. 2002)

A businessman only interested in money is given a chance to revisit the past in order to win back a woman he once loved.

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Gabe's Story (11 Dec. 2002)

A man with consistent bad luck hits his head in minor car accident and gains the ability to see where his bad luck comes from.

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Last Lap (11 Dec. 2002)

A man with a terminal illness takes one final lap in their race car. An accident unexpectedly cures his illness but leaves him haunted by his dead friend as he comes to terms with his death.

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The Path (8 Jan. 2003)

A tabloid reporter becomes obsessed with the readings of an uncannily accurate fortunate teller.

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Fair Warning (8 Jan. 2003)

A friendly flower shop clerk is threatened and stalked by pet shop worker but no one believes her story.

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Another Life (5 Feb. 2003)

A hip-hop artist has visions of being brutally interrogated by the police and begins to doubt his own identity.

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Rewind (5 Feb. 2003)

A compulsive gambler acquires a tape recorder that allows him to go back in time. He believes he can use his the device to win big at the casino.

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Tagged (12 Feb. 2003)

A gang member confesses to killing a man when a mural painted by his victim begins to transform itself into a vision of the crime.

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Into the Light (12 Feb. 2003)

High-school teacher Rachel Stark is relieved that her year is almost over so she can leave her obnoxious, apathetic students. Two days before the final day, she sees a light emitting from the face of one of her students. She also sees it on a man on a bus later - who suffers a heart attack and promptly dies. She reassures herself that it doesn't mean anything since the student is fine, but the next day he is reported dead as well. After testing it, she learns that the phenomenon is very real...but has to figure out how to prove it to others when she begins seeing the ...

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It's Still a Good Life (19 Feb. 2003)

40 years later, god-like Anthony Fremont is still holding Peaksville, Ohio under a reign of terror. However, things are about to change when his daughter turns out to have similar powers.

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The Monsters Are on Maple Street (19 Feb. 2003)

The residents of a suburban street spiral into madness when their neighborhood loses power and everyone suspects a terrorist attack is imminent.

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Memphis (26 Feb. 2003)

A terminally ill man is thrust back in time and given the opportunity to stop the assassination of Martin Luther King.

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How Much Do You Love Your Kid? (26 Feb. 2003)

Police refuse to pursue a child's kidnapper, because a game show has exclusive coverage. Show host Nick Dark offers to provide clues to help the child's mother find her son. In case she needs any extra incentive, Dark offers her a $500,000 prize.

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The Placebo Effect (2 Apr. 2003)

Mega hypochondriac Harry Radditch believes he's caught a deadly plague from a space novel he just read. His physician plans to dose him with a placebo, as usual, but this time, his symptoms are severe and she catches the disease. How can she stop a science fictional pandemic from killing real people?

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Cold Fusion (2 Apr. 2003)

Chandler, the creator of the Gemini device in the Arctic lab, is kept well hidden by his staff. His psychological arguments are conducted through an audio speaker system wired throughout the underground lab, and his voice leads Dr. Paul Thorson back to the entry room. Corporal Gordon reminds him that if they don't get inside the inner room, "there won't be a world". Paul screams there has never been a problem he can't solve. It turns out that Chandler is individually telling each of the four people what they want to hear, just to keep Paul from getting inside. ...

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The Pharaoh's Curse (23 Apr. 2003)

An up-and-coming magician attempts to learn the secret behind a famous centuries old trick from an older magician.

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The Collection (23 Apr. 2003)

A babysitter and the young girl she is taking care of are terrorized by the child's seemingly harmless collection of dolls.

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Eye of the Beholder (30 Apr. 2003)

Janet Tyler, a woman with facial deformities in a totalitarian society that emphasizes conformity even in in physical appearance, is undergoing her twelfth surgery in an attempt to make her appear normal. It is the last chance she can legally receive to alter her looks, and if it succeeds, she will fit in with those around her for the first time in her life. If it fails, she must be transported to a "segregated" colony of those who look like her rather than as the norm do.

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Developing (30 Apr. 2003)

Edie Durant has been depressed since her husband Alec died in a car accident shortly after their wedding one year ago. Her religious leader Shawn encourages her to take up photography once again, as she used to before her widowhood, so that she will not be tempted to attempt suicide again. She agrees, but among her black-and-white photographs come out colored shots: ones of Alec that she never took. When others begin to show her in them as well, in the type of house that they had planned to move into, she begins to wonder if he is calling her to him.

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The Executions of Grady Finch (7 May 2003)

Grady Finch has been convicted of murdering a convenience-store owner, though has gotten many to believe in his innocence (minus the alleged victim's son) since he wasn't at the scene of the crime and the one who spread the story was a drug-addict. Sentenced to die by lethal injection, he is temporarily saved when the system breaks down, and later says he heard a voice as it happened when he thought he was going to die repeating "Not yet". Though other cases make he and his lawyer Liz think he'll have another year, another execution is scheduled the following night. ...

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Homecoming (7 May 2003)

A troubled teen's father suddenly returns from the Iraq War as a completely changed man. Is he an impostor or Providence itself?

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Sunrise (21 May 2003)

A group of hiking college students discover an old Aztec relic filled with blood. When they accidentally tip it and the blood runs out, the sun disappears from the sky.

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Burned (21 May 2003)

Immoral agoraphobic realtor Scott Crane orders the arson of a house so he can collect the insurance money, but two children are unexpectedly caught in the blaze and the arsonist, Rick, demands payment to ensure that he won't report Scott, but he refuses. That night, Scott's thermostat continues to rise and his stove mysteriously activates while only hot water emerges from his taps. He suspects that Rick is harassing him - until he catches him dying in the attempt to sabotage his circuit-breaker, and the attacks of causing his home to heat up continue.