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Reunion (27 Jan. 2003)

Nikko is astonished to learn his archaeologist father has a number of enemies who are willing to commit murder. All Nikko has to do is persuade his dad he's not a screw up, stop trying to flirt with his tutor, and try to stay alive.

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Antarctica (3 Feb. 2003)

The team go to Antarctica in search of an ancient power source. But, when their plane crashes, that power source might be the only way to stay alive.

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Skulls (10 Feb. 2003)

A group of Neo-Nazis are willing to go to any lengths to find the a crystal skull, the last one of a set of four. Fortunately, a strange homeless man is determined to help Nikko get to it first.

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Heist (10 Mar. 2003)

Juliet goes undercover as a reporter but Calvin's jealousy might be a problem. Nikko catches Vincent in talks with Dorna operatives.

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Wheel of Dharma (2003)

The team searches for a Buddhist relic in Tibet.

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Sangraal (2003)

The team searches for the Holy Grail in Nova Scotia.

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Mummy Virus (2003)

The discovery of a pre-Incan mummy leads to the release of an ancient virus which a pharmaceutical company tries to use for their own nefarious purposes.

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The Name of God (2003)

The team searches for a rabbi who can translate the ancient inscriptions from the time of Abraham discovered in Nova Scotia.

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Devil Child (2003)

The team searches for a Ukraine boy who can translate any language in the world to help them with the inscriptions found in a pyramid and to help Dr. Zond with translating his late wife's diary.

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Avalon (2003)

The team investigates the discovery of an ancient Celtic sarcophagus in America and a sinister druid cult tied to it.

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The Lost Codex (2003)

The team is in Italy to find Leonardo Da Vinci's lost diary which may hold information that could revolutionize technology.

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Eternal (12 Apr. 2004)

The Team is in Siberia searching for Dr. Zonds' late wife's diary which supposedly contains the information about the location of the fountain of youth.

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Helmholtz Resonance (2003)

The team locates a 12th century castle which supposedly holds the so-called Ring of Truth.