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Achiyalabopa was a huge bird god of the Pueblo people. He is described as being of extraordinary size and having rainbow-colored feathers as sharp as knives. It was considered a celestial creature and may have once been attributed to the whole of creation.


As described above that Achiyalabopa is an extraordinary-sized bird with beautiful rainbow wings, it can be a symbolic of the great eagle of Zeus, ancient Greek god of sky. Achiyalabopa as well once was “attributed to the whole of creation” Due to the fact that Achiyalabopa wasn’t as famous as Phoenix or any other birds, the belief of it remains unchanged. This means that Pueblo people still believe in Achiyalabopa as their god of celestial. Another fact is that the belief of this Winged-rainbow god seems to be fading away. As I have been researching for the legends, mythologies, stories, and facts about Achiyalabopa, every source says the same thing that it is a god of sky. There is not any source that says something bad about it beside one thing that Achiyalabopa could kill people who don’t respect it by a flap of its sharp wings. Achiyalabopa is one of the kind birds that rule its place with kindness and good. According to George M. Eberhart, the author of the book called “Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology”, Achilayabopa is just another name for mighty Thunderbird of Northern America. The name “Achiyalabopa” could possibly be given when Thunderbird flew by from Northern American to Pacific Northwest. When comparing about the information I know about thunderbird, the size, the figures, they could be the same bird even though they have some different appearance, e.g. feathers, and colors. I somehow thought that if they were likely to be the same creature in any chance, each of them could be symbolic of emotions. In other words, Thunderbird could be the symbolic of furious, aggressive like a thunderstorm. Achiyalabopa, on the other hand, is the symbolic of calmness like a clear and beautiful sky and rainbow after heavy storm. Category:Cryptids>Category:Cryptids Category:Cryptid Wiki>Category:Cryptid Wiki Category:Birds>Category:Birds Category:Flying and Gliding>Category:Flying and Gliding Category:Avians>Category:Avians {{CryptidsNavBox}}