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{{Infobox|name=Adam-Dzhapais|image=map=type=Hairy Humanoid|1st Sighting=Unknown|last sighting=Unknown|Country=Central Asia|Specific Area=Eastern Pamir Mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Southern Xinjiang Uygur regions|Population=Unknown}}
The Adam-Dzhapais is a :Category:Hairy Humanoids|hairy humanoid of Central Asia and Russia|Central Asia, specifically the Eastern Pamir mountains of Tajikistan, the Kunlun mountains and the Southern Xinjiang Uygur regions of China. It is also known as Adam-japayis, Adam-yapyisy, Adam-yavei, Japayi-kishi and Zhabayi-adam. The Adam-Dzhapais may be a type of Almas|Alma.


The Adam-Dzhapais is a wild man-like humanoid. They have no speech but are said to make muttering sounds and having a sharp sense of hearing. They are said to be excellent runners and swimmers and have been reported to be seen washing their infants in clean cold water springs. They also have been reported to have the ability to make primitive tools out of sticks and stones.


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