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The Agta is a mythical creature found in :Category:Philippines|Filipino mythology. They are from the Eastern Visayas and are smiliar to the Kapre. 


The Agta are tall :Category:Humanoids|humanoid creatures with dark skin. They reside in trees, most commonly Santo or Balete trees. They are often depicted as being naked and smoking a rolled cigar. They play pratical jokes on humans and are said to lure and kidnap women with flowers. <ref name=":0">[https://amp.ww.en.freejournal.org/40235195/1/agta-mythical-creature Agta (mythical creature)]</ref><ref name=":1">[https://www.aswangproject.com/legend-of-the-agta-the-eastern-visayan-tree-dweller/ Legend Of The AGTA | The Eastern Visayan Tree-Dweller - The Aswang Project]</ref> For whatever reason, they often warn fisherman not to go out on the water to fish and instead stay on land. They are even known to take drastic measures to prevent the fisherman from leaving the land, such as pushing down trees to block the coast. <ref name=":0" /> To protect yourself against an Agta, a bottle filled with mercury can be carried, because they are afraid of mercury.<ref name=":1" />


On September 18, 1963, a woman named Virginia Taglucop told folklorist Maximo Ramos that she and her sister had encounterd an Agta in 1957. The two were walking along a footpath in Barrio Palanas, Masbate where they had seen an Agta sitting under a santol tree. The Agta walked towards them for a distance of twenty-five meters before they ran away. Virginia Taglucop had also reported seeing an Agta smoke under a santol tree between eight in the evening and four the next morning.<ref name=":1" />


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