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The Aigamuxa, or Aigamuchab, are :Category:Africa|African humanoid Carnivores|man-eating creatures from Khoikhoi mythology with eyes on their feet.


The Aigamuxa are humanoid creatures with razor-sharp elongated teeth that can easily slice through flesh. They wander the Kalahari desert in search of prey, with their main diet consisting of humans. They have eyes that can be located on either sides of their soles, instep, or sometimes even on the back of their heels. This makes them fairly easy to escape from as they must stop and do a headstand every once in a while to see what they are chasing, or which direction they are going in. Most stories about them describe how someone outwits and escapes from one. For example, in one story, the trickster Jackal drops tobacco dust on the ground while being chased. The dust irritated its eyes so badly that it gave Jackal a chance to escape.


<gallery> Artwork from Fantastic Fearsome Beasts by Paula Hammond Artist's Rendering Aigamuxa in Fantastic Fearsome Beasts by Paula Hammond Artwork by Chaim Garcia </gallery>


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