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Akateko, meaning "red child's hand" is an unusual yokai found in Japanese Honey Locust Trees. It takes the form of a small red disembodied hand, suspended by some sort of string.{{11|title1 = Akateko|image1 = Akateko-watermark.png|type = Yokai|first_sighting = Edo period|last_sighting = No modern sightings|country = Japan|habitat = Honey Locust Trees|possible_population = Extinct/small}}
It waits in the tree until somebody walks under it. It then drops down out of the tree in front of the person. While this can be startling and creepy, it is not known to cause any particular harm. However, walking near a tree where it lives can still be dangerous. Sometimes people encounter what appears to be a beautiful furisode-wearing 17 or 18 year old girl who stands under the tree. Anybody who sees her immediately is affected by a horrible fever. It is unknown what relation, if any, she has to the Akateko. In some local versions of the story, the Akateko works with another yokai called the Aka Ashi. They grab at the feet of passerby, causing them to stumble.

Possible Explainations

thumb|220x220px">thumb|220x220pxIt is possible that the Akateko is an undiscovered species of red spider. It would explain why the creature hung from trees as spiders hang from spider silk. {{Modernsightings}}
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