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Allier River Monster

Allier River Monster

The Allier River Monster is a three-headed, aquatic monster from Allier River, the river that runs through the French countryside and is the reputed home of a horrifying beast. The only known report of this creature ranged from 1933 to 1934. 

Although the evidence in this case is admittedly scarce, one cannot ignore the plethora of legends hailing from all over Europe concerning all manner of cryptids, like Loch Ness Monster|Nessie, Kraken, Hydra andLake Monsters| more lake monsters. That having been said, there is no mention of whether the beast was mammalian, reptilian or amphibious in origin. Still, as intriguing as this case is, it would seem in the final analysis that the eyewitnesses may have unwittingly described not a single three-headed beast, but a trio of – perhaps equally outrageous – creatures.


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