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Arboreal Abomination

Arboreal Abomination

The Arboreal Abomination sighting is a extraterrestrial sighting that took place on the evening of August 29, 1965 in Peru. The witnesses were two men named Antonio Chavez Bedoya and Julio L. de Romana.


The two men were driving down a rocky desolate stretch of the Pan-American motorway in southern Peru, approximately 12 miles away from Arequipa, when they witnessed what they described as a "strange being, a Martian," which "resembled a shrub". Mere seconds after spotting the creature, the eyewitnesses spied a flying saucer soaring over their vehicle.


The entity stood just over 31 inches in height and had a single golden eye nestled on what passed for its “head.” The thing’s body also seemed to be orbited by what resembled “gold and silver strips” similar to tinsel. It also appeared to possess a multitude of smaller eyes covering its body.


  • The alien craft would also be seen flying low to the ground by additional eyewitnesses some 12 miles away from the initial observation.
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