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The Basajaun ("Lord of the Woods", plural Basajaunak) or Basandere (female equivalent, "woods woman") are :Category:Giant cryptid|giant :Category:Hairy Humanoids|hairy humanoids from Basque mythology. <ref name=":0">
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  • Description

    Basajaunak are huge hairy humanoids that are 9 to 16 feet tall. They had long hair and beards that would go down to their knees. They would wear animal skin and carry a stick. <ref name=":0" />


    In Basque mythology, they were benevolent creatures that would protect flocks of sheep. The mere presence of a Basajaun would frighten away packs of wolves, main predator of sheep. They would whistle and shout if a storm was coming to warn human shepherds.<ref name=":1">[https://www.pyreneanexperience.com/basajaun-and-basque-mythology/ Basajaun – Basque Mythology or History? - Pyrenean Experience] </ref> The Basajaun were thought to have built megaliths and were skilled in agriculture and making tools. They taught humans how to make mill axels, saws and to melt metal. <ref name=":1" />


    Long ago, two hairy men, brothers named Iretges, lived in the woods near Bedeilhac-et-Aynar, Ariege Department, France. They wore animal skin and occasionally abducted a shepherdess. One day, the villagers lured them with a trap and killed them.<ref name=":0" /> In May 1979, workers saw a 6-foot tall ape man-like creature in the Pyrenees Mountains of Huesca Province, Spain. The workers saw it sitting in a tree and making animal noises. It came down and threw a tree trunk at them, where they then fled. <ref name=":0" /> In Spring 1994, mountain climber Jaun Ramo Ferver saw a reddish ape-like creature near Bielsa, Huesca Province. It jumped from tree to tree and made squealing noises.<ref name=":0" />


    The Basajaun myth is hypothesized to have its roots in human coexistence with Neanderthals, both due to the knowledge they had when they first met humans and the hairy descriptions both Neanderthals and Bajaunak share.<ref name=":1" />


    <gallery> Basajaun.jpeg Basajaun-0.jpg|A scultpure of the Basajaun Basajaun (1).jpg Basajaun (2).jpg Basajaun (4).jpg Basque mitology basajaun.jpg|Mrkamehameha's depiction of a Basajaun </gallery>


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