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thumb|Artist rendering">thumb|Artist renderingThe Batsquatch is a flying cryptid that was allegedly seen near Mount St. Helens in the 1980s. It resembles a flying primate, similar to the Ahool and the Orang bati|Orang Bati of :Category:Southeast Asia|Southeast Asia, and its name is a portmanteau derived from the words "bat" and "Sasquatch".

A witness allegedly took several pictures of the creature. However, these pictures have not yet been analyzed, and thus cannot prove the creature's existence.


This creature was said to have yellow eyes, a dog-like muzzle, blue fur, sharp teeth, bird-like feet and leathery bat-like wings that span up to fifty feet. In addition, Batsquatch is said to be 9 feet tall and has the ability to affect car engines.


thumb">thumb In April 1994, Brian Canfield was driving in Washington's Pierce County when his truck suddenly died. Canfield said a large creature landed in front of him. He said it was human-like, 9 ft tall with batlike wings and also sported a coat of blue fur. Ever since then it has not been seen and skeptics dismiss it as a hoax. A possible second sighting was reported in 2009 near Mt. Shasta in California. Several hikers witnessed a "huge" creature with leathery wings (spanning 50 ft.) fly out of a crevice in the mountain. At first, an eye-witness described the creature as having a head similar to a pterodactyl, however upon reconsideration the witness claimed it was more akin to a flying fox bat.  In June 2011 Pheonix Tieraz (pseudonym) was in his yard walking his dog. He went to pick up the dog when he saw something in the sky. He said the following: {{Quote| I saw something flying in the sky. It had bat wings, blue fur and had a face similar to eyes glowing red. It was about 9 feet tall at the least, after I watched it just flew away.}}
On April 14, 2014 at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, Ohio, a second period Spanish class spotted a giant black mass zip by the window of the classroom at incredible speed. The class claims it was about 9 feet tall with a 20-30 foot wingspan.


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