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Brazilian Monkey-Trap Tree

Brazilian Monkey-Trap Tree

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The Brazilian Monkey-Trap Tree is a supposed :Category:Plantarum escarum|carnivorous plant seen by explorer Mariano da Silva in Brazil.


The trunk of the Brazilian Monkey-Trap Tree has a diameter of about 90 centimeters and is about six to seven meters high. Around the lower part of the tree are leaves which are 0.9 by 20 centimeters large and a thickness of a thumb. The tree releases a distinct scent that attracts animals, espically :Category:Primates|monkeys. The attracted animal would climb up the trunk and then be enveloped by its leaves, never to be seen again. Three days or so later, the leaves open again, and from them drop the bones of their victims, from which every little vestige of flesh has been stripped.


The Brazilian Monkey-Trap Tree is descirbed in Randall Schwartz's 1974 book Carnivorous Plants. In his book, he refers to a report from explorer Mariano da Silva. While searching for the settlement of Yatapu Indians on the Brazilian border, Silva allegedly witnessed a plant that devours animals.


<gallery> The plant acts like that of a Venus Fly Trap, on a much larger scale </gallery>


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