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Buffalo Lion

Buffalo Lion

thumb|400px|Mythological Lion Cave Painting">thumb|400px|Mythological Lion Cave Painting
Reports come from east Africa about large, maneless, man-eating lions called Buffalo Lions because they commonly will kill buffalo. Unlike other lions, they do not travel in prides. They are said to include humans as a part of their diet frequently, and may be either a new subspecies of the normal African lion, a new species entirely, or a population of maneless lions with unusually aggressive tendencies toward man. These lions, due to their all being maneless, most likely are somewhat genetically different from normal lions, and as such are more likely to be a new subspecies than anything else, but some cryptozoologists say they could be surviving cave lions, which would explain their size. However, no one knows for certain, as a body of a Buffalo Lion has yet to be studied.Category:Cryptids>Category:Cryptids
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