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The ccoa is a catlike spirit from Quechua myth.


Though much larger than a domestic cat, the ccoa takes the form of a feline with the ability to fly. It has grey fur with horizontal black stripes along its body. The eye sockets of its large head are set with phosphorescent eyes.


This creature shoots lightning from its glowing eyes and urinates rain. Occasionally, it will cause solar and lunar eclipses. When angry or threatened, it arches its back and spits hail at the offender. It destroys crops on a regular basis, though it will stay away from farmers who give it sufficient offerings. This means that it more often hurts the poor than the rich, as the latter have more to give. It isn't entirely malevolent, however; it has been known to fuel the powers of sorcerers for better or for worse. It is the pet of the Apus, mountain deities who protect humankind, and is frequently depicted as a feminine entity. Category:Mammals>Category:Mammals Category:Feline>Category:Feline Category:Carnivore>Category:Carnivore Category:Supernatural>Category:Supernatural Category:Cryptids>Category:Cryptids Category:Cryptid Wiki>Category:Cryptid Wiki Category:No Modern Sightings>Category:No Modern Sightings {{CryptidsNavBox}}