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Cole Hollow Road Monster

Cole Hollow Road Monster

{{11|title1 = Cole Hollow Road Monster|type = Hairy Humanoid|first_sighting = May 1972|last_sighting = July 1972|country = Illinois, USA|habitat = Swamp, Forests|possible_population = Small|image1=WHITEAPEMAN.jpg|map=name=Cole Hollow Road Monster}}
The Cole Hollow Road Monster, or Cohomo for short, is a :Category:Hairy Humanoids|hairy humanoid reported from central Illinois during the 1970s.


The Cole Hollow Road Monster is around 8-9 ft tall and covered in whitish gray hair, resembling a cross between an ape and a caveman. It has long round ears, red lips and human-like hands. It left behind tracks with only three toes and gave off a putrid smell described like that of a wet dog mixed with rotten eggs.<ref name=":0">[https://pinebarrensinstitute.com/cryptids/2018/8/18/cryptid-profile-cole-hollow-road-monster-cohomo Cryptid Profile: Cole Hollow Road Monster (Cohomo) - The Pine Barrens Institute]</ref>


In May, 1972, Randall Emmert and his friends reported seeing a large white haired creature in the woods near Cole Hollow Road in Pekin, Illinois. Emmert later called a local radio station, describing what he saw.<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1">[https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/digital-originals/haunted-central-illinois/chapter-1-cole-hollow-monster/ Chapter 1: Cole Hollow Monster - CIProud.com]</ref> On May 25, the East Peoria police received more than 200 calls from witnesses who sighted the creature. Many witnesses described seeing the creature walking through the woods, by river banks and through yards. One caller reported it destroying their fence.<ref name=":0" /> During July of the same year, around 100 people entered the woods to search for the monster. The search party was eventually called off when one of the volunteers shot himself in the foot. On July 25th, a witness reported to police that they had seen a large hairy man-like creature swimming in the Illinois River. On July 28th, a woman reported seeing the creature near an abandoned mine. That same night, two more witness contacted police giving them a description of the monster. <ref name=":0" />


Years later, Randall Emmert, the man who first reported the monster, revealed in a interview that he and his friends never actually saw anything. He said that he made it up to prank another friend and, somehow, the story grew from there. Despite this, people still search for the monster and other Bigfoot sightings remain in the area.<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1" />


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