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Cryptozoology A to Z

Cryptozoology A to Z

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thumb|365x365px">thumb|365x365px Cryptozoology A to Z (ISBN 978-0684856025) is a 1999 encyclopedia written by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark containing over 200 pages of cryptozoologists and cryptids from throughout the world. It also contains a brief history of cryptozoology, a cryptozoology timeline, a list of cryptozoological museums, exhibits, periodicals and websites, an explanation of "The Matter Of Style" (capitalization of cryptid names) and books for further reading.


Cryptozoology A to Z is organized in a simple to read alphabetical order with a table of contents at the beginning. The cryptozoology timeline includes cryptozoological milestones, including books published and cryptids described, and animal discoveries, including the okapi, gorilla, and Indonesian Coelacanth|coelacanth. The book includes a short summary of each cryptid and tells the history and lasting legacy of cryptozoologists. The book includes photographs and renderings of some cryptids or cryptozoologists, although they are not in colour. Cryptozoology A to Z was published by Fireside in 1999.


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