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Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation

Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation

thumb|389x389px">thumb|389x389px Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation was written by Chad Arment, a famous cryptozoologist who has conducted much research on Bigfoot, and has also dismissed and proved a few cryptids as :Category:Hoax|hoaxes.

This book compiles and sorts the most significant sightings, but also provides a look at hoaxes, misidentifications, and the influential perspective of newspaper editors as they dealt with reports of cryptids.

Books Introduction

Cryptozoology can be an effective tool in zoological discovery. Those who investigate Bigfoot, lake monsters, sea serpents and other unrecognized species will find a scientific foundation for their search.

Table of Contents

Part I: Science
  • What is Cryptozoology?
  • A Scientific Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • A Logical Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • An Ethnozoological Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • The Rationale for Cryptozoology
  • The Methodology of Cryptozoology
  • The Feasibility of Cryptozoology
  • The Credibility of Cryptozoology
  • Part II: Speculation
  • Long-Tailed Bobcats
  • The West Virginia Roc
  • :category:indo|Giant Orangutans
  • Notes on the Search for Historical Bigfoot Reports
  • Pennsylvanian Yeti|The Pennsylvania "Gorilla"
  • The Great Naked Bear
  • Stone Giants
  • The Pichu-Cuate
  • :Category:Snakes|Giant Snakes in the Everglades
  • The Broad Top Serpent and other "Boss" Snakes
  • Dwarf Seals
  • :Category:Merperson|Merfolk and Sea apes|Sea Monkeys
  • Introduced Species and Cryptozoology
  • Appendices
  • Suggestions for the Obtaining of Larger Zoological Specimens (Ivan T. Sanderson)
  • North American Terrestrial Description Dates
  • Wildlife Genetics Laboratories
  • Navigation

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