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El Yunque Chupacabra

El Yunque Chupacabra

The El Yunque Chupacabra is a recently reported type of Chupacabra seen only in El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. Its victims are described as having a single hole in the neck and emptied out.


  • While camping, Hector Jusino and a few friends saw one run through their camp several times. Later, they saw three on the side of the road and, hours later, found themselves in a baseball field twelve miles away with no knowledge of how they got there.
  • An unnamed farmer woke to the sound of squealing pigs and ran outside to find the creature killing them. He threw a machete at it, and it bounced back and broke in half. The farmer reported that when the machete hit the creature, it sounded like it hit metal.
  • Some sightings coincide with UFO sightings.thumb">thumb


    The creature has been described as having the lower body of a kangaroo, the upper body of a primate, crab claws, a long tail, hooves and goat fur.


    There is one main theory
  • It comes from another planet.
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