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Getzko also knownthumb|300px">thumb|300px as Polski Dziki Człowiek (pl. Polish Wild Man) - a legendary humanoid that according to the stories used to live in Poland around the 19th century.


The creature stood two-and-half meters tall, was incredibly hairy excluding its face. It was capable of human-like movement, and was making strange, horse-like sounds. According to some people, it could even run sideways.


The stories and relations about creature are very scarce, with the first one being about a cossack going into the woods to kill the alleged hominid, only then to return with his headless body still on the horse, much to the horror of the villagers. The neck was examined, and it was clear that the head was ripped off, not cut off. The second story is much more bizarre, with a boy that during a large storm got lost in woods on Getzko's territory and was held captive by the creature until the storm passed over. Then he ran away into his village back and told everything.


Seeing how Getzko was an allegedly two-and-half meters tall ape, the perfect fit would be the infamous Gigantopithecus which somehow survived the extinction and used to live in the Polish regions. Excluding the size however, Getzko could have just as well been a gorilla which escaped from a circus. Category:Hominids>Category:Hominids Category:European cryptids>Category:European cryptids Category:Poland>Category:Poland Category:Apes>Category:Apes Category:Ape>Category:Ape Category:Omnivores>Category:Omnivores Category:Hairy Humanoids>Category:Hairy Humanoids Category:Cryptid Wiki>Category:Cryptid Wiki Category:Cryptids>Category:Cryptids Category:Mammals>Category:Mammals Category:Primates>Category:Primates Category:Bigfoot>Category:Bigfoot Category:Wildman>Category:Wildman