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Gloucester Sea Serpent

Gloucester Sea Serpent

thumb|320px">thumb|320px The Gloucester Sea Serpent was a serpentine marine cryptid reported in August 1817 and once again in April 1859, when a creature fitting the description of the serpent attacked the British sailing vessel Banner. 


<nowiki> </nowiki>Reports of a giant sea serpent that moved rapidly through the harbor were reported in Gloucester. It was said to have a turtle-like head adorned with a spear or horn and a body as wide as a barrel.

In scientific publications

<nowiki> </nowiki>The reports gained so much momentum, the Linnaean Society of New England assembled a team to collect evidence and David Humphreys traveled to collect eyewitnesses reports. The Linnaean Society of New England published a report that the sightings were evidence about a new animal, Scoliophis atlantica. The name was not appreciated, and received a lot of parodies.


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