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The Hangdown is a Fearsome Critters|Fearsome Critter from :Category:North America (Minus Mexico and Caribbean)|North American lumberjack folklore.


The Hangdown is described as being an "utterly foolish animal" that lives in big woods. It hangs down from the limbs of trees, either with its fore or hind paws, either head down or head on. It climbs along the bottom of a limb much like a sloth. Its skin is said to bring a high price and is more easily hunted at night when a tub must be placed over it. It is then killed with an axe.

Further reading

# [http://www.lib.lumberwoods.org/pbnh/fictional-animals "Hangdown" from Paul Bunyan Natural History (1935) by Charles E. Brown] # Wyman, Walker D. Mythical Creatures of the USA and Canada. (River Falls, WI: Univ of Wisconsin Riverfalls Press,1978.) {{NavFearsomeCritters}}
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