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Lake George Monster

Lake George Monster

thumb|left|Lake George Monster">thumb|left|Lake George Monster The Lake George Monster is a monster that was purportedly sighted at Hague Bay in Lake George in New York, United States.


It was a hoax invented by painter Harry Watrous in 1904. This was a reported solution to an ongoing rivalry that Watrous had with another resident. After word had spread, Mr. Watrous began to move the monster around the lake for more publicity.


The monster was also sighted at The View restaurant, near Hague. The monster is now on display in the Lake George Chamber of Commerce. Category:Hoax>Category:Hoax Category:Lake Monster>Category:Lake Monster Category:Aquatic-based Cryptid>Category:Aquatic-based Cryptid Category:Living fossil>Category:Living fossil Category:North America (Minus Mexico and Caribbean)>Category:North America (Minus Mexico and Caribbean) Category:Cryptids>Category:Cryptids Category:Cryptid Wiki>Category:Cryptid Wiki Category:Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs>Category:Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Category:Reptiles and Amphibians>Category:Reptiles and Amphibians Category:Reptile>Category:Reptile Category:Plesiosaurs>Category:Plesiosaurs Category:Marine Reptiles>Category:Marine Reptiles {{CryptidsNavBox}}
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