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Luting Fish

Luting Fish

{{Infobox cryptid|image = imagewidth = 210|caption = Traditional rendering of the creature|map = mapwidth = 210|mapcaption = Map of China|type = Mere-person, mammal|1st Sighting = 400 years ago|last sighting = 1940|Country = China|Specific Area = Hong Kong|Population = Unknown}}
The Luting(盧亭), Lu Ting, or Lutung Fish is a mermaid|mermaid-like animal with a body like a seal and a human head; resembling a Dugong. Said to have existed in ancient times in Hong Kong waters.


left|thumb|307x307px|Lu Ting from [https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%9B%A7%E4%BA%AD| Chinese Wikipedia">left|thumb|307x307px|Lu Ting from [https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%9B%A7%E4%BA%AD| Chinese Wikipedia]Luting (盧亭) before. In Chinese sources written two hundred to four hundred years ago, Lutings are described as semi-human sea creatures. Lutings were said to be descendants of a rebellious force led by LU Xun (盧循) (? - 411), and were considered by some to be the ancestors of the Tanka (蜑家) people; who were one of the four main groups of people of pre-British Hong Kong who used to live on boats.

1940 Sighting

left|thumb|214x214px|Supposed corpse of Luting">left|thumb|214x214px|Supposed corpse of Luting In 1940, local Hong Kong fishermen reported an aquatic humanoid fish off of Lantau, which they referred to as Luting. However, local authorities classified it as a Dugong (Dugong dugon), a marine mammal related to the manatee.

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