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M'kuoo M'bemboo

M'kuoo M'bemboo

The M'kuoo M'bemboo is a dinosaur or reptilian creature found in west Cameroon, in Africa.               
thumb|306x306px|Rendering of a Moeritherium, an extinct aquatic mammal of North and West Africa">thumb|306x306px|Rendering of a Moeritherium, an extinct aquatic mammal of North and West Africa
Reported only once, it is apparently known to the local peoples, who named it. Despite the similar-sounding names, this is not just another local name for the Mokele Mbembe|MMokele Mbembe|okele Mbembe. The creatures are drastically different.              

The herbivorous creature is beyond massive, with a head alone that is described as the size of a full grown hippopotamus. It has a 'gurgling' roar, is described as shiny black. The head is compared to that of a seal, but 'flattened from above to below'. It appears to be at least semi-aquatic, as the one report described it exiting an aquatic cave and lunging out of the water.

Supposedly, it attacks hippos; however, it does not eat them. This would explain why no hippos live in the region.

It could be possible that a Herbivorous species of Marine reptile or mammal found itself with in the African Cameroon or more likely a seal or even a large Crocodile. It can also possibly yet unlikely be an extinct Pyrotherium or Moeritherium that somehow survived for 66 million years or shorter in Cameroon. 
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