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thumb|220x220px|Sketch made by witness">thumb|220x220px|Sketch made by witness
The Manta-Man is a strange, flying humanoid creature seen in Northern Chile. It has 4 limbs, two of which have large, manta ray fin-like membranes connecting them to the creature's body, like wings. It is very vicious, and has been seen devouring dogs.

The first sighting of this strange being occurred on September 29th, 2013. An anonymous witness claimed to have seen the creature rise from the tree line in Bustamante Park in Santiago de Chile. When asked to describe the animal, the witness claimed it was about 6 ft. tall and looked very much like a manta-ray, however resembled a gargoyle in that it possessed leathery wings. This witness, under the pseudonym "Ignacio", later sketched the anomaly (above).

The avian oddity was sighted many more times in Chile after the initial sighting, such as another anonymous witness spotting the creature in the alpine Los Barrenchea Commune, and later even being reported hanging around in a church tower in Santiago. 

Is there any possible explanation for this mysterious being? Some believe it may be a relic species of pterosaur, others that it is a being from the deep reaches of space. Many Chile citizens draw comparisons to another strange species spotted in Chile years prior, which bore wings but possessed kangaroo-like faces.
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