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Marked Hominids

Marked Hominids

thumb|218px|Old Yellow Top, a Canadian variety of Marked Hominid">thumb|218px|Old Yellow Top, a Canadian variety of Marked HominidMarked Hominids are a variety of hairy hominids from northern subarctic locales, such as Canada, Northern Europe and Siberia. They are roughly 6-7 feet tall, and generally appear like a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. However, a defining difference between the two is that Marked Hominids have, alongside their dark-colored fur, patches of white, yellow, and other lighter colors. Sometimes these designs are subtle, but they can also be the most shocking features about them. Some Marked Hominids have even been known to appear completely albino with very little or no dark fur. Examples include Canada's Old Yellow Top and Russia's Mecheny.

The term "Marked Hominid" was introduced by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe in their book The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates. Coleman, a seasoned researcher in the field of cryptozoology, used the term as a tribute to fellow cryptozoologist Mark A. Hall, who, according to Coleman, was the first to identify these creatures as decidedly different from bigfoot.

Marked Hominids are generally considered a separate species from the common bigfoot, described as having a more human appearance and generally of shorter stature. Their skull rests low on their body, causing the hominid to appear to have no neck. Their eyes are large, probably due to their nocturnal lifestyle and the low-visibility of night time in subarctic regions. They are said to enter nearby towns and villages and, though they are not as intelligent as the natives, trade with them and communicate through gesticulation. Some are even thought to wear clothes and craft tools. They are thought to dislike the company of dogs, sometimes killing them out of frustration. 
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