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[[thumb|Artist's Rendering
]]The Miraj is a rabbit like creature similar to the Jackalope and is said to live on an island in the Indian Ocean. This over-sized jaundiced colored hare is said to have a large, spiraling black horn atop its head and a voraciously carnivorous appetite.

It is said that when ever the Miraj was seen by other creatures they would flee for there lives, however no one could escape the blazing speed of the Miraj which was fast enough to keep up with the likes of an antelope.

On top of its speed the Miraj was said to be able to take down prey much larger than itself such as cattle and pigs. It is a well known fact among sailors in the area that the Miraj would kill and eat a human if given the chance, however this creature is often dismissed flat out as myth by modern researchers. {{Stub}}
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