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Naree pon

Naree pon

thumb|1x1px">thumb|1x1px{{11|title1 = Naree Pon|type = Humanoid plantae|first_sighting = unknown|last_sighting = unknown|country = Thailand|habitat = treacherous jungles|possible_population = unknown|image1 = Thailand_Naree_Pon_Flower_Pod_Elf_Women_Fairies_7786.jpg}}
The Naree pon (also known as nariphon) are cryptids native to Thailand's infamous and treacherous jungles. The resemble a combination of half human-like :category:hominids|hominid and half plant creature. They are known to occasionally attack people by throwing rocks at jungle by passers. The image on the right depicts an alleged dead specimen along with its possible sibling collected by monks from a sacred temple in Bangkok,Thailand. Due to lack of evidence these specimens cannot be ruled as real or fake much like the monks of Tibet not letting people collect samples of their possible yeti scalp. According to Buddhist mythology, the God Indra created a pavilion  as an abode for Vessantara, his wife, and two children to live. His wife went into the forest to collect fruits: she was, however, in danger of being attacked by Hermits or Yogis who lived in the forest. Although they had acquired special powers from their meditation, they had not conquered lust. Therefore, Indra created twelve of these special Nariphon trees. The trees would bear fruit whenever she went out to collect food and distract the men. The fruits were all in the image of Indra's beautiful wife. The men took the fruits to their place of abode and after making love to them would sleep for four months and lose their powers..."-myths and folklore {{Stub}}
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