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Opium-Pipe Fish

Opium-Pipe Fish

The Opium-Pipe Fish is a fearsome critter whose origins lie in the oral traditions of turn-of-the-century North American folklore.


Originating from Puget Sound in Washington, and specifically Smith Cove, it is said that when a steamer from the Orient ties up at the docks schools of these rare fish can be seen splashing about, as if in expectation of something. They wait for the opium that is thrown overboard when customs officials get too close on the trail of would-be smugglers. The Opium-Pipe Fish live almost entirely on opiates. When hurried, they simply eat it; otherwise, they hold it in their mouths until they find a nice sunny beach, where they can smoke it at leisure amidst pleasant dreams.

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[http://www.lib.lumberwoods.org/mcps/opium-pipe-fish "The Opium-Pipe Fish" from Marvelous Critters of Puget Sound (April 1913) by The Seattle Star] {{NavFearsomeCritters}}
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