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Orange Eyes

Orange Eyes

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Orange Eyes is a Sasquatch that has been sighted. A long time ago, Orange Eyes lived under a Cleveland cemetery. He lives near Mill Lake, also home to the Charles Mill Lake Monster. The first sighting dates back to March 28, 1959, attacking two teenagers at Lover's Lane.  They claimed a large, hairy Bigfoot beast with glowing orange eyes, which rose from the misty morass. Lover's Lane, not surprisingly, runs past Charles Mill Lake. The creature is actually little known, but the Charles Mill Lake Monster is even more little known. Orange Eyes is a rarely seen beast.  

Orange Eyes may be, or be related to, another Ohio cryptid known as the Grassman|Ohio Grassman. The Grassman has also been given by some the nickname Orange Eyes, although the amber eye color, or "glow," may be something inherent in many different sasquatch species rather than being a trait unique to one in particular.

In Popular Media

  • In the video game, The Secret Saturdays: Beast of the 5th Sun, Orange Eyes appears as humanoid hairy sasquatch with a blank face with huge orange eyes and also it's appeared to help Zak fight Argost's army but then Argost kidnapped Orange Eyes and flees with Orange Eyes in the Jungle level. It's also one of the cryptids that Zak must protect ( Adaro, Orange Eyes, Burning man, Azazel, Wampus Cat, Con Rit, and Kikiyaon) but in the Nintendo version it appeared as a Collectible Cryptid for Cryptopedia.
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