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In Castilian mythology, the name "Paparrasolla" refers to a mythological being known for threatening and silencing misbehaving children who cry. It is the Castilian counterpart of the Greek harpy.


It bears a resemblance to a harpy. Both creatures are depicted as winged bird women considered to be malicious and hostile.


Spanish author Luis Díaz Viana has a mention about this winged creature in his exploration to Castile and Leon in 1988 as a lively belief Barbadillo de Herreros (Burgos). This harpy lives inside the church tower, which goes through a miniature round window at the back of the bell tower and is disobedient with bad children. This creature also lives in attics and dark corner houses. It approaches towards children who emit horrible cries and later eats the children in its nest.

Similarities with Other Villains

  • The paparrasolla is very similar to La Llorona in Mexican mythology. The difference is that La Llorona kidnaps children who disobey their parents.
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