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{{Template:Scientific classification
||Width = 300px
|Kingdom = Animalia
|Phylum = Chordata
|Class = Mammalia
|Order = Monotremata
|Family = Ornithorhynchidae
|Genus = Ornithorhynchus
|Species = O. anatinus}}The Platypus is a :category:Former Cryptids|former cryptid first thought to be a sewn together as a hoax.

The platypus was once considered to be a cryptid because it has the characteristics of a reptile, mammal, and bird. Platypuses ("platypi" and "platypodes" are also considered acceptable plural forms) were first encountered by Europeans in 1798. When British scientists were given the first specimen, they tried to remove the "duck's bill," thinking it was a fake sewn together by Chinese taxonomists. The same platypus now resides in a British museum, and the scissor marks are still visible on the bill. 

It is one of the few egg-laying mammals and is a member of the order of Monotremata. Its habitat is on the eastern side of Australia, and until the early 20<sup>th</sup> century it was hunted for its fur. It is now protected all over its habitat. The platypus is the animal emblem of the state of New South Wales and is on the reverse of its 20 cent coin.

It uses its tail for the storage of fat reserves, a trait similar to the fat-tailed sheep and Tasmanian devil.

Visitors to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary can watch two platypuses up close and observe the animal's natural behavior.


-In the kid's cartoon Phineas and Ferb, the brothers have a pet Platypus named "Perry" which is also an agent of a secret organization. -In the Rooster Teeth series Camp Camp, a [http://campcamp.wikia.com/wiki/Platypus Platypus] is deemed to be the mascot of Camp Camp.
  • The odd thing about this Platypus is that it will eat almost anything, including a hamster and even its own offspring.
  • - In the comedy comic series Sequential Art by JollyJack, a platypus named Leonard is one of the many characters featured in the series.


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