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|type = Hairy Humanoid
|1st Sighting = 1978
|last sighting = 1995
|Country = UK
|Specific Area = Devon and Dorset, England and West Lothian, Scotland
|Population = Unknown
|image = |imagewidth = 300}}
Quickfoot is a fast bear-like creature or entity that lives in Devon and Dorset, England and West Lothian, Scotland.

Also called The Ghost Ape of Marwood, or Martyn's ape, Quickfoot has had, so far, only two strange sightings.


In 1978, three boys exploring the woods of Kings Nympton, Devon, saw a tall bear-like animal with glowing green eyes and a large muzzle. In 1995, a man named David Colman was driving down a country road in Bathgate Hills in West Lothian, Scotland, when he saw a 6-foot tall humanoid running down a path at shocking speeds. David said it's face was like a human's and the press dubbed it Quickfoot.


The first sighting may have just been an escaped bear from the zoo or even possibly a new species of bear. However the second sighting may have been an escaped chimpanzee with a misidentified height. However this is unlikely. This second sighting, looking at its face, may be a fast human.{{Stub}}
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