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Seal Rock Sea Monster

Seal Rock Sea Monster

thumb|left">thumb|leftThe Seal Rock Sea Monster is a Sea Monster|sea monster allegedly inhabiting Wikipedia:Seal Rock, Oregon|Seal Rock, Oregon.USA


In June 1935, a group of residents of Seal Rock claimed to see two giant sea serpents. One was "dark brown, from forty feet to sixty feet long, according to the article. It had a head three feet wide and five feet long. This particular creature played in the surf for about a half hour and then headed south." Its head was "as long as a man and at least three feet wide." Another serpent was seen a few minutes later, and it "would surface here and there but didn't make much commotion at all. Eventually, it also disappeared." It has been speculated the monster was a :category:hoax|hoax designed to boost tourism in the area.


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