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Silver Lake Serpent

Silver Lake Serpent



The Silver Lake Serpent is a aquatic cryptid reported from Silver Lake in New York, which is described as a large [http://cryptidz.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dragons_and_Dragonoids dragon-like creature] with a fin on its tail. According to fishermen who saw it, it was enormous with red glowing eyes as big as dinner plates and a large neck.


The first sighting was on Friday the 13th of 1855 when four men and two boys were in a boat fishing during nighttime. Suddenly, A large object a few feet behind them appeared. They were paying no or very little attention to it thinking it was a log. It appeared in another position then hissing and moving toward them rapidly. One fishermen tried to cut the anchor loose but dropped his knife into the water. He pulled the anchor up by hand as the other men retreated to shore. The thing submerged as panicking fishermen struggled with the oars. It resurfaced at their stern moments later just before they managed to beach the boat. In semi shock they made it to a inn. More reports followed later gaining the place fame. {{Stub}}
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