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{{Infobox|name=Squidgicum-Squee|image=caption=Artwork by Linnea Soinne|type=Fearsome Critter|1st Sighting=19th Century|last sighting=20th Century|Country=North America|Specific Area=Unknown|Population=Unknown}}
The Squidgicum-Squee is a fearsome critters|Fearsome Critter from the tales of lumberjacks of :Category:North America (Minus Mexico and Caribbean)|North America in the late 19<sup>th</sup> century and early 20<sup>th</sup> century.


The Squidgicum-Squee is very shy, not wanting to ever be seen. When it hears or sees someone approaching, it takes a deep breath and swallows itself whole. It is similar to the Wunk, another Fearsome Critter that hides itself.

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[http://fearsomecritters.org/lexicon1 "Squidgicum-Squee" from Lenwood's Lexicon of Lumberwoods Lore] {{NavFearsomeCritters}}
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