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Tennessee Red Cheetah

Tennessee Red Cheetah

{{Infobox cryptid
|name = Tennessee Red  Cheetah
|image = |imagewidth = 250
|type = ABC
|1st Sighting = Folklore
|last sighting = 2015
|Country = Tennessee, USA
|Specific Area = Plains & Prairies
|Population = Small
Most people have heard of Alien Big Cats|felines known as cheetahs. Yet, an interesting Cryptids|cryptid has been missed time and time again - the Red Cheetah. Often reported in the plains of the West, where it can run free, most reports of this creature are sadly disregarded as an hallucination or a mountain lion, although it is not too common for a mountain lion to roam up northward into the Great Plains. A mountain lion and the "Tennessee Red Cheetah" are easily distinguishable.


It has been reported as a semi-gold and carmine (a dark-pigmented shade of red) and, of course, black spots. The creature is more heavily built for more power and less speed than its slimmer counterparts. Most people report that the creature is around five feet in length and around four feet wide at its broadest point (front shoulders). The most distinguishable feature of the creature is that its head is more bulky, similar to an American Bulldog, with loose skin, so it is indeed made to fight. Therefore giving it an advantage over its competitors such as the grey wolf and coyotes that roam the area.

Folklore & Science

Folklore has so far claimed that a man was overseeing his farm, possibly looking for groundhogs and, all of a sudden, two cubs and one mother came out of the thicket. They bolted across the field as if sensing danger nearby, possibly a male or another large animal. New possible Cryptid? The man shot at the mother and she dropped quickly, the man let the cubs go, not knowing that the cubs would die from starvation as they can't hunt. He skinned the animal, and fed the bones and meat to his hogs, and showed the fleece to his neighbors. He then put it on display, only to find a few days later that it had disappeared. The world went on a short spree of finding the fleece, which lasted two days short of a month. Even though it is indeed possible that the bones could have been in the hog's belly undigested, more than likely it has been passed through the system and turned into fertilizer. No one has since seen the fleece. Every year a few reports come in, and all appear to be as if the creature is getting slightly bulkier. A few scientists believe that it is the extinct species Miracinonyx, a subdivision of the sabertooth tiger. But all evidence is unclear. {{CryptidsNavBox}}
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