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The Dark Watchers

The Dark Watchers

The Dark Watchers are a group of mysterious dark human-like creatures who stand on the hills, ridges, and peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains of California and Mount Mingus and Mount Graham of Arizona. They supposedly watch those who wander into the mountains and are not aggressive. They are most often spotted around twilight and are usually seen staring upwards toward the sky while standing atop the mountains. They seem to be some sort of spirits however their origins are currently unknown.

They’ve been seen many times over the years, with stories about them dating back to Chumash Indian legends. They are mentioned in the short story "Flight" by John Steinbeck and the iconoclastic poet Robinson Jeffers wrote about “forms that look human…but certainly are not human” in his poem, “Such Counsels You Gave to Me.” Sometime in the mid-sixties, a Monterery Peninsula local and former high school principal went on a hiking trip in the Santa Lucias when he suddenly spotted a dark figure in a hat and a cape, standing on a rock and surveying the area. When the principal called out to the other hikers, the creature vanished. More sightings continue to be made to this day.

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