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The International Cryptozoology Museum

The International Cryptozoology Museum

The International Cryptozoology Museum is a small museum in Portland, Maine, founded by Loren Coleman. The first downtown location for the museum opened in November 2009, occupying the rear of The Green Hand Bookshop, a Portland general used bookshop specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and Gothic fiction. In October 2011, 2 years after moving onto Congress Street, it re-opened in a larger space around the corner at 11 Avon Street, but still located in the Trelawny Building. A new museum, located at Thompson's Point, Portland, Maine, is the current location of the museum.

They have a wide range of exhibitions from rare, one-of-a-kind scientific, zoological specimens to popular cultural homages to the relevant anthropological and psychological acknowledgements of the sightings and folk traditions to be found within hominology and cryptozoology.

As part of their scientific and education mission, they preserve native art to contemporary souvenirs. If you don’t understand why something is in their exhibits, you can ask them.