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Wallowa Lake Freshwater Crustaceans

Wallowa Lake Freshwater Crustaceans

Giant Freshwater Crustaceans are giant crustaceans inhabiting the area in and around Wallowa Lake that appear heavily in the tales of early settlers of Oregon. Although no true lobsters live on the Pacific coast (only spiny lobsters, or langoustes), there are many large crabs. But these freshwater crabs would even exceed the largest known crabs in size. 

It is possible that these things did exist, but according to the records the crustaceans just plain disappeared. 

No one knows whether they merely died, or if they migrated somewhere else. Perhaps someone should investigate any remote areas of the Pacific North West in hopes of finding them, as giant crab should be easier to find than a giant ape.

It is wondered if this species may be related to the Sandwalker.

Another legend is associated with Wallowa Lake, the Wallowa Lake Monster.
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