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Wasaga Beach Seal Monster

Wasaga Beach Seal Monster

On August 2nd 1938 in Wasaga Beach, Ontario residents declared they saw an 8-foot long monster, resembling a seal, swim near the shore.

Thomas Marr, a grocer, said he saw the monster several times from the shore and recently rowed 200 yards

{{11|title1 = Wasaga Beach Seal Monster|image1 = Giant seal size comparison by spearhafoc-d6cqm1l.jpg|caption1 = Artists interpretation|image2 = Wasaga2.png|caption2 = Artist's interpretation|type = Seals|first_sighting = 1938|last_sighting = Unknown|country = Wasaga Beach, Ontario|habitat = Large Freshwater Lakes|possible_population = Extinct or Small}}
into the lake, where he was able to get a fairly close look at the monster. Marr said it had a long, black body and when he approached it it bolted away at a tremendous speed. The monster was said to appear between 6 and 7 o'clock each evening. What is odd is that seals are unknown in the area as Georgian Bay is an inland bay and does not directly connect to the sea. As well, the largest known seal is the elephant seal, but it does not have a long slender appearance and is a brownish colour. This have led some people to believe it could be a large, black sturgeon because they are known to live in the area. There have been no more sighings and is believed to be dead as it would be over 78 years old and there is no more proof of its existence at this time.


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