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Weird NJ

Weird NJ

Weird NJ (or WNJ) is a semi-annual magazine that chronicles local legends, hauntings, ghost stories, folklore, unusual places or events, and anything considered "weird" in New Jersey.thumb|Weird N.J.">thumb|Weird N.J.


Weird NJ started in 1989 as a personal newsletter sent to friends by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman. Gradually it evolved from a fanzine newsletter into a public magazine published twice a year in May and October, running to this day. Abandoned places, eerie experiences, unique people, and strange landmarks were and still are common subjects for the magazine. Past issues have covered everything from the Jersey Devil and UFO sightings to abandoned Nike missile silos, the legend of the "Hookerman" Lights and the life of Zip the Pinhead. Weird NJ now has their own website and Youtube channel.


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