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Wood Booger

Wood Booger

{{11|title1 = Wood Booger (Bigfoot type 2)|image1 = Wood.jpg|caption1 = A Chimpanzee, one of the purpoted relatives of the Wood Booger.|type = Hairy Humanoid|first_sighting = Unknown|last_sighting = Late 2010's|country = Southeast USA|habitat = Mixed Forests|possible_population = Large|map=Bigfoot or_Hairy Humanoid">Hairy Humanoids|Hairy Humanoid originating from South West Virginia. 


The Wood Booger is a Bigfoot-like creature said to roam the forests of South West Virginia. The name "Wood Booger" was given to the creature because it was often rumored to carry off young children like the boogy man. This cryptid was featured in the Animal Planet TV show Finding Bigfoot|Finding Bigfoot episode Virginia is for Bigfoot Lovers. There have been a particularly large amount of sightings outside the town of Saltville, Virginia. Since this visit, the city of Norton, VA has many attractions named after the Wood Booger. This city has also been named as a sanctuary for the Wood Booger. Since 2014, an annual WoodBooger festival is held where visitors can go on guided tours to search for the creature. A statue of the Wood Booger is located at the Flag Rock Overlook. The Wood Booger Bar and Grill is named after the creature and many local business sell merchandise of the Wood Booger. In September, a geocaching event named the WoodBooger Geo Trail is held in the Flag Rock Recreation Area.


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