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Woods Devil

Woods Devil

The Woods Devil, or possibly Woods Devils, could either be a single Bigfoot or a more likely group of them that have roamed the woodlands and hills of Coos County, New Hampshire since the 1930s. These skinny and Sasquatch-like creatures are described as being tall at around 7-9 feet and have shaggy tan-gray hair. An unusual trait, slightly similar behavior to the Hidebehind, or even the Whirling Whimpus, is that this Bigfoot uses the trees to hide. It is said that these creatures will hide behind a tree when a human is coming, and stay behind that tree until the coast is clear. If there is no cover to hide in, the Woods Devil will stand perfectly still. 

Outdoorsmen, hikers, and others alike have described hearing screams of these creatures echoing the hollows of Coos County. It isn't exactly known for sure if the Woods Devils are old lumberjack tales of fearsome critters, or if it is an actual subspecies of Bigfoot. or these mysterious creatures are not at all Bigfoot’s but there own species of creature.{{NavFearsomeCritters}}
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