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thumb|Taiwanese Xing-Xing Statue">thumb|Taiwanese Xing-Xing StatueThe Xing-Xing, also known as the zing zingxīng xīng (猩猩) or shēng shēng (狌狌), is an unknown primate in the Himalayan Mountains that is said to be a subspecies of Orangutan, simply a mainland Orangutan out of the well-established range for the species, or possibly a large relative of the Golden-Faced apes.


In most cases, it has black fur with grayish and yellowish eyes. Most claim the height is 10 feet, and having high mobility to help move around the rocky landscape. They are most seen in the lower parts of the mountains, but far away from any means of civilization.


In Monsters and Mysteries, they did a case on the Xing-Xing. Where Buba and the team met up with each other in Asia. They did 3D models and investigations. However, they claim it was in Japan. Even though some sightings were in the steppes of Asia.


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