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"I guess I owe you the explanation" (scene)

"That was close" (scene)

"Time to fight fire with fire" (scene)

"Too close..." (scene)

"Why is everyone dying on me!?" (scene)

A Bad Feeling (scene)

Acid Rain (scene)

Angie's trap (scene)

Bloodthirsty (part 1)

Bloodthirsty (part 2)

Bloodthirsty (part 3)

Conversation with Moreau (scene)

Crisis (scene)

Descending to the well (scene)

Descent into the Village (part 1)

Descent into the Village (part 2)

Descent into the Village (part 3)

Descent into the Village (part 4)

Epilogue (Village)

Eradicating Evil (scene)

Ethan meets Elena and her father (scene)

Ethan takes Rose to bed (scene)

Ethan wakes in the Village (scene)

Ethan's family (scene)

Ethan's memories (scene)

Final conversation with Duke (scene)

Miranda killing Julian

Obtaining Giant's Chalice (scene)

Out of Control (part 1)

Out of Control (part 2)

Out of Control (part 3)

Promenons-nous dans les bois (part 1)

Promenons-nous dans les bois (part 2)

Promenons-nous dans les bois (part 3)

Promenons-nous dans les bois (part 4)

Propelled (part 1)

Propelled (part 2)

Propelled (part 3)

Propelled (part 4)

Reaching the Luiza's house (scene)

Remember (scene)

Rose (scene)

Shadows of Rose Chapter 1 opening

She's Not Here (part 1)

She's Not Here (part 2)

She's Not Here (part 3)

She's Not Here (part 4)

Survivor Gregory

The Duke (part 1)

The Duke (part 2)

The Duke (part 3)

The Duke (part 4)

The Duke (part 5)

The Final Movement (part 1)

The Final Movement (part 2)

The Final Movement (part 3)

The Hag (part 1)

The Hag (part 2)

Tragedy inside Luiza's house (scene)

Treading Water (scene)


Unreal Mia (scene)

Urias' attack (scene)

Using Giant's Chalice (scene)

Varcolac's attack (scene)

Village of Shadows (scene)

Visions (scene)

Yearning for Dark Shadows (scene)