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2010 (episode)

2010 (episode)

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"2010" is the sixteenth episode of the SG-1 Season 4|fourth season of Stargate SG-1.


In an alternate timeline version of the year 2010, the Stargate Program has been made public, and Earth has formed an alliance with the Aschen, who helped wipe out the Goa'uld and provided the people of Earth with numerous advanced technologies. Soon, Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter learns that she cannot conceive a child, and realizes the Aschen have something to do with it.


The episode begins with Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter breakfasting with her husband Joseph Faxon as they discuss their fertility problems. They also mention the Aschen, an advanced civilization who possess a very high grade of medical and other technology. It turns out that the year is 2010, a 10-year jump into the future from the previous episode. Earth has transformed into a seeming paradise of long life and perfect health thanks to an alliance with the Aschen Confederation. It is the 10-year anniversary of SG-1's first encountering the Aschen, and there is going to be a ceremony commemorating the event. The Stargate now serves as a public gateway to other worlds and stands in the J.R. Reed Space Terminal. With the help of the Aschen, the Goa'uld have been defeated; the President of the United States is SG-1 nemesis Robert Kinsey. During the ten year anniversary ceremonies, the former SG-1 members are all present—minus Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill. It also turns out that Major General George S. Hammond#Alternate timelines|George S. Hammond is dead. At this point in time, Sam and her husband, Ambassador Joseph Faxon, are trying to get pregnant, but so far no luck. Their doctor, an Aschen, says there's nothing wrong with either of them and that they should just keep trying. When she tells Dr. Janet Fraiser#Alternate timelines|Janet Fraiser, Janet asks Sam to come by her office for an examination. Janet mentions that she is bored, given the near absence of disease thanks to Aschen medical technology. Sam agrees to be examined by her, and Janet makes a shocking discovery: Sam has been sterilized. She'll never be able to have children. Sam is devastated, not only because she can't have children, but because her Aschen doctor lied to her by telling her there was nothing wrong with her. Both wonder if this problem has occurred anywhere else in the world. They use the Aschen computer at Sam's lab to do a search, under the guise of running simulations of the collapse of Jupiter into a star. Sam and Janet soon discover a dark secret: Aschen medical treatments have made 91% of humans infertile, allowing them to bloodlessly take over the Earth through a long-term invasion. They appear to have killed General Hammond when he became suspicious. The former members of Stargate Command and SG-1 realize that it will be impossible to defeat the Aschen, so their best hope of victory lies in preventing Earth from ever meeting the Aschen. Using the advanced sensors the Aschen have, they can pinpoint when a massive solar flare will happen, allowing them to repeat the same form of time travel they used previously to travel to and from 1969. They plan to send a warning to the past, using the centrally located, very public and heavily defended, Aschen-controlled Stargate. Sam visits retired O'Neill for his help. But as he never trusted the Aschen, and is bitter that his word was ignored, he refuses. They need to obtain a Garage Door Opener|GDO in order to cause Stargate Command to open the Iris. So Sam and Daniel visit the former SGC, which is now turned into a museum, and meet O'Neill. But they find the one on display was a replica; Walter, now working there as the Operations Tech Advisor, explains the only remaining GDO is in the Oval Office, on President Kinsey's desk. Sam has to ask her husband, who is an ambassador to the Aschen, to steal it for them by swapping it out with the museum replica while meeting with Kinsey. In the course of this, Sam discovers that he knew about the Aschen plan to decrease human fertility to stop overpopulation, though they had told him they would only make 1/3 of the population infertile. Within Aschen's computer room they now have the time of next solar flare and Joe has successfully brought the GDO from Kinsey. But in exchange he makes O'Neill promise that Carter be kept out of the final assault on the Stargate. thumb|Sam falling from her injuries as she attempts to throw the note through the [[Stargate">thumb|Sam falling from her injuries as she attempts to throw the note through the [[Stargate]] To get control of the Stargate, they enlist the help of Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c and another Teal'c's friend|Jaffa. They are able to break through the strong defense measures surrounding the Stargate and dial the gate. However, as the former SG-1 members try to get to Jack, to send his hand-written note through the gate, they are killed one by one, with each getting a bit closer. After the deaths of Teal'c, Jack, and Dr. Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson, Sam breaks away from her husband and rushes to the Stargate. Her husband starts yelling that they shut off the security system because he is the ambassador, but his demands are ignored. She grabs the note from O'Neill's hand and begins to run towards the gate. As she is cut down by the lasers, she just barely manages to throw the note, stained with his blood, through the gate. Janet is the only survivor, as she had traveled to Chulak to set things up with Teal'c before the attack began. Back in 2000, Stargate Command receives an incoming transmission, accompanied by an SG-1 IDC, and through the gate comes a small, crumpled paper note. Written on it, in Colonel O'Neill's handwriting (and unknowingly to them as of then, spots of his blood), is a simple message: "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES GO TO P4C-970. COLONEL JACK O'NEILL". Not wanting to take any chances, General Hammond orders P4C-970 be locked out of the dialing computer immediately to prevent the planet from ever being contacted.


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  • Milky Way
  • *Aschen Prime {{m}}
  • *Chulak {{m}}
  • *Solar system
  • **Earth
  • ***California {{m}}
  • ***Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • ****Stargate Command
  • *****Briefing Room
  • *****Embarkation room
  • *****Stargate Command armory {{m}}
  • *****Stargate Operations room
  • ***Silver Creek, Minnesota
  • ****Jonathan J. O'Neill's cabin
  • ***Washington D.C.
  • ****J.R. Reed Space Terminal
  • ****White House {{m}}
  • *****Oval Office {{m}}
  • **Jupiter {{m}}
  • **Sol {{m}}
  • Events
  • Skirmish in the Alternate timeline
  • Items
  • Alternate timeline
  • Anti-aging vaccine {{m}}
  • Aschen computer
  • Aschen medicine {{m}}
  • Aschen monitoring satellite {{m}}
  • Aschen transporter
  • Baseball {{m}}
  • Battle Dress Uniform
  • Blood
  • Bone {{m}}
  • Champagne
  • Colt M16A3 rifle
  • Credit card
  • Defense drone
  • Dial Home Device
  • Dialing computer
  • Electromagnetic field {{m}}
  • Fishing {{m}}
  • Flower
  • Football {{m}}
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Grey Cup {{m}}
  • Heart attack {{m}}
  • Hologram
  • *Aschen hologram
  • Iris
  • Iris Deactivation Code
  • Jaffa mark
  • Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe
  • Pregnancy {{m}}
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  • Major General George S. Hammond#Alternate timelines|George S. Hammond
  • Star Trek
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    Notable quotes

    Carter: I'm fine, right?<br /> Fraiser: Sam, I don't know how the Aschen doctor could have missed it, and frankly I don't think he possibly could have.<br /> Carter: What?<br /> Fraiser: You can't have children. Waitress: Will there be anything else?<br /> Jackson: Apparently not... O'Neill: Well let me tell you something, Carter you want to erase your mistakes, that's your business. My conscience is clear. I warned everybody. I threw up the red flag and everyone, including you, shut me down.<br /> Carter: I'm asking you to put that behind us...<br /> O'Neill: You're not happy with the way things turned out, I'm sorry to hear that. Personally, I like things the way they are. No more saving the world, just a nice pond with no pesky fish in it. And the single most pressing issue in my life is whether or not to get a dog... There're a lot of pros and cons to consider... Tour guide: All righty everyone, everyone please step all the way out. We've arrived at Level 28. Can anyone guess at what special room is on this floor?<br /> Boy: The gate room!<br /> Tour guide: That's very, very close... Anyone else?<br /> Jackson: Uh, he's right. It's the Gate room.<br /> Tour guide: What I'm sure many of you don't know is that officially it was known as the "embarkation room" because that's where the SG teams "embarked" from. Okay, now we're walking...This way. O'Neill: (imitating a tour guide in a museum that was once the SGC) "...and we're walking." O'Neill: If you tell him, there's no going back.<br /> Carter: I know.<br /> Jackson: On the other hand, if you don't tell him, there's no going back. (Teal'c and a Jaffa come out of the Gate holding staff weapons)<br /> Dialer: I'm sorry, sir, but weapons are not allowed.<br /> Teal'c: We carry these for ceremonial purposes only.<br /> Dialer: I'm sorry, but you'll have to let me have it.<br /> Teal'c: Very well.<br /> (Teal'c shoots the dialer with his staff weapon) (referring to the GDO Joe has just stolen from the President's office)<br /> Joe: What are you gonna do with it?<br /> O'Neill: Send a message.<br /> Joe: To who?<br /> O'Neill: To "whom." Jackson: Uh... the sun's beeping. (A note comes through the Stargate)<br /> Hammond: What is it?<br /> Jackson: Well?<br /> O'Neill: You tell me.<br /> Jackson: “Under no circumstances go to P4C-970. Colonel Jack O'Neill.” That looks like your handwriting.<br /> O'Neill: It is my handwriting. And it's my signature.<br /> Teal'c: Though you sent no such note?<br /> O'Neill: Nope.<br /> Fraiser: Sir, may I? (she takes the note) That looks like blood, sir.<br /> Hammond: Have it analyzed.<br /> O'Neill: General, wasn't 970 on our mission list?<br /> Hammond: It was. Not anymore. I'm not taking any chances. I want P4C-970 removed from the dialing computer immediately. Dismissed.<br /> Carter: I wonder why you sent it. I wonder when.<br /> O'Neill: Yeah. Gotta wonder.


    Main Characters
  • Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill/Jonathan J. O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill
  • Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson/Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson
  • Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter/Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter
  • Christopher Judge as Teal'c/Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c
  • Don S. Davis as Major General George S. Hammond
  • Guest Stars
  • Christopher Cousins as Ambassador Joseph Faxon#Alternate timelines|Joseph Faxon
  • Dion Luther as Mollem#Alternate timelines|Mollem
  • Gary Jones as MSgt. Walter Harriman/Walter Harriman#Alternate timelines|Walter Harriman
  • Ronny Cox as President of the United States|President Robert Kinsey#Alternate timelines|Robert Kinsey
  • Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser/Dr. Janet Fraiser#Alternate timelines|Janet Fraiser
  • David Neale as Dialer (2010)|Dialer
  • Linnea Johnson as SGC guide (2010)|SGC guide
  • Bryce Hodgson as Tau'ri boy|Kid
  • Liza Huget as Waitress (2010)|Waitress
  • Jon Kralt as Space Terminal Guard {{u}}
  • Giorgio Miyashita as Asian Guy in Red Shirt {{u}}
  • ? as Teal'c's friend
  • Notes

  • The title of this episode is a homage to Arthur C. Clarke's novel {{WPS|2010: Odyssey Two}}
    . The "Jupiter ignition project" is also an homage as Jupiter is converted into a second sun at the end of the novel. Coincidentally, Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series used the term "StarGate" to refer to one of its major plot devices, the monolith. This episode is also the first part of a short story arc continued in the episode "2001 (episode)|2001", the title of which is a homage to Clarke's novel 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The story of this episode is followed up in the Season Five episode "2001 (episode)|2001", in which Stargate Command makes contact with the Aschen, through encountering them on a different planet.
  • This episode is one of four to feature Teal'c without his golden Apophis tattoo. The other episodes are "The Gamekeeper" , "The Changeling", and "Threshold (episode)|Threshold".
  • Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill's reference to the lack of fish in his pond is also featured in "The Curse", "Threads", "Moebius, Part 2" and "200".
  • This episode establishes MSgt. Walter Harriman|Harriman's first name as Walter, due to an ad lib of Richard Dean Anderson's. The name is a reference to {{WPS|Radar O'Reilly|Walter Eugene "Radar" O’Reilly}}
    from the series {{WPS|M*A*S*H (TV series)|M*A*S*H}}
  • In the Gateroom at the SGC museum, curiously, a banner is displayed which bears the logo of the Bedrosian forces from "New Ground".
  • In the tour scene a tourist has his picture taken in front of the replica Stargate while doing the Vulcan salute from Star Trek.
  • It is said in the episode that Major General George S. Hammond#Alternate timelines|George S. Hammond died of a heart attack in 2004. The actor, Don S. Davis, would later die in 2008 of the same cause.
  • O'Neill says to Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter, "I'm retired Carter, lose the 'sir'." This mirrors "Children of the Gods" in which O'Neill told Major Charles Kawalsky, "I'm retired Kawalsky, lose the salute."
  • This is the first episode where Senator Robert Kinsey becomes President of the United States in an alternate timeline. The second is "Moebius, Part 1" and "Moebius, Part 2".
  • The scenes at the J.R. Reed Space Terminal were filmed at the {{WPS|Plaza of Nations}}
    . It was previously used for the planet Svoriin (planet)|Svoriin in "Bane".
  • Goofs

  • The events of this episode begin on July 27, 2010, which is erroneously indicated to be a Thursday on Joseph Faxon's newspaper. In actuality, it was a Tuesday.
  • Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill talks about the peace of not having to save the world and having a pond with no pesky fish. Looking closely at the end of the scene, a carp can be seen swimming in the pond at the surface gulping air. However, the comment was most likely meant to be sarcastic, as most of Colonel Jack O'Neill's comments are.
  • In the episode "1969 (episode)|1969" the use of a solar flare for time travel requires precise timing, and a miscalculation of "a few seconds" can result in missing the target time frame by decades. However, in this episode the issue isn't even brought up, and there's no possibility of having planned the exact moment the note gets sent through the wormhole. Given the critical nature of the mission, it's inconceivable that Carter would have failed to take this into account.
  • At Stargate Command, Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter dismisses the idea of sending a radio message, as the Stargate terminal has an EM dampening field that would block radio signals. However, GDOs work with radio signals as well, and thus shouldn't work either.
  • Samantha Carter considers that sending the message back in time would erase their current reality and change the course of history. In the episode "1969", the implicit time travel theory is rather that the past cannot be changed (causal loop).
  • When Carter visits O'Neill, a crewmember can be seen walking behind the truck in the driveway as she knocks on the door.
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